Our investing philosophy is centred around nurturing early stage business ideas with start up capital and relevant expertise. We are always involved in the day to day running of the businesses we invest in, as we believe that’s the best way we can help lay solid foundations for future cash flow generation. We avoid direct investments in uncertain technologies with long lead times, preferring instead to approach such opportunities through diversified funds. We understand that things can go wrong, but we prefer to fail fast, not slowly, so we prove concepts early. We recognise that success takes time, so we are patient and stay the course.

Cambridge Precision Medicine uses whole genome sequencing as the basis for detailed genetic analysis. We focus on the interpretation of the data, to help clinicians integrate genetics into effective preventative healthcare and wellness plans for their patients. We offer specialised training in the understanding and application of genetics.

Grey Epoch offers access to verified carbon markets and offsets to all businesses. We believe that carbon trading and offset schemes are part of the solution to the risks posed by climate change. While the overall goal must be to reduce absolute emissions, such schemes, if properly administered, offer an important stepping stone to a more sustainable future.

Uniquely Health’s mission is to bring a personalised, holistic and data driven approach to improving health and wellbeing, allowing each individual to improve their nutrition, physical fitness and manage their health risks based on their own unique “big data”. We don’t simply give people test results and leave them to it, rather we help our clients on every step of their journey.